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Learn to improve customer relations, increase visibility, build and engage with an audience, and generate qualified leads with these posts on social media strategy.

We cover topics intended to help our customers achieve business goals while also engaging in meaningful ways with their target users, donors, followers, and so on. We also discuss the role social media channels play in the larger digital marketing ecosystem and how they dovetail with an effective and measurable content marketing strategy.

Whether we’re discussing how to do a successful Twitter purge, how to generate content ideas in a boring industry, or weighing the pros and cons of using social sharing buttons on your website, we hope that you find these posts useful and informative, and will use them to drive social media strategies within your organization.

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How to Generate Content Ideas in a Boring Industry

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If you’re in a boring industry, you might make the mistake of thinking content marketing isn’t something that applies to you. You’re wrong. Great content improves search rankings, helps build your social media presence, shows off your professional expertise, and can lead to PR opportunities, among other benefits. In some ways, boring industries (specific niches, industrial products, […]

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Should You Schedule Tweets During a Holiday?

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In our new series, Katherine and Sarah duke it out — high school debate club style! — over whether or not your Twitter account should “go dark” over a holiday.

The question: Should our company continue to publish pre-scheduled tweets or should we go dark over the holidays?

The contenders: Sarah Best, Mightybytes Content & Social Media Director and Katherine Raz, Mightybytes Content and Social Media Editor

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