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An organization’s digital marketing efforts often rely upon the foundation of a precisely crafted and well-optimized website that simplifies the process of publishing and managing content. Good web development practices are critical to success.

We cover a number of topics in this category including WordPress security and tips for keeping your website from getting hacked, technologies like HTTP2, Node.js, CSS, and yes, even Flash, and techniques for improving website performance, such as enabling caching, using shared libraries, and properly setting up redirects. We also discuss good development practices such as agile methodologies and the importance of building sustainable deployment practices to make sure your team and website alike are primed for the long haul.

We hope this information helps our clients and others better understand the importance of a strong technology foundation upon which to build any online business or marketing endeavors. If you’re looking for help with building, improving, or optimizing your website, check out our web development services.

Build Better Digital Products and Services With This White Paper on Agile Methods [Free Download]

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Whether running a business, building a home, or creating software, the ability to adapt to always changing real-world circumstances is key to success. This white paper covers how agile methods can help you build better products faster, more efficiently, and potentially more cost-effectively as well. In this document, you will find valuable lessons on budgeting, […]

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